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MSC Cruises Completes iDirect X7 Upgrade

By | November 25, 2014
      MSC Divina ship

      MSC Divina ship. Photo: MSC

      [Via Satellite 11-25-2014] Marlink has installed the Marlink Global C-band iDirect service on MSC Cruises fleet of 12 ships. The upgrade brings iDX 3.2 software and the X7 modem from iDirect for improved VSAT connectivity.

      Marlink completed the installation in October following successful tests of the modem in August. MSC Cruises is using the C-band service for Global System for Mobile (GSM) voice and data, ship management Local Area Network (LAN) communications, and other applications, now routed over the X7 modem.

      The iDirect technology features Adaptive Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) for enhanced return channel performance, increasing network availability on vessels under rain fade and satellite link degradation. According to Marlink, the higher bandwidth that the new technology offers boosts data rates to enable broadband services comparable to terrestrial wireless.