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Timor Telecom to Use O3b Capacity for Improved Broadband Services in East Timor

By | May 20, 2014

      An O3b Teleport in Perth, Australia. O3b is expanding in the Asia-Pacific region to East Timor. Photo: O3b Networks

      [Via Satellite 05-20-2014] O3b Networks and Timor Telecom (TT), a subsidiary of Portugal Telecom, signed an agreement allowing O3b to provide high throughput, capacity for the telecom company’s services in East Timor. O3b’s satellites are in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) leveraging closer orbits to reduce latency and provide faster Internet speeds.

      TT has more than 600,000 customers and has started investing more heavily in new services and technologies. The company recently redesigned its Internet service offering for new and current clients, and will be releasing new mobile subscriber and broadband Internet campaigns this month.

      “We are excited to be a part of Timor Telecom’s plans to offer [East Timor] access to the World Wide Web as easily and efficiently as users in any major city in the world,” said John Finney, CCO of O3b. “Accessing O3b’s affordable and ubiquitous bandwidth with the performance and speed of fiber, Timor Telecom customers will enjoy much improved connectivity and the further enablement of mobile broadband.”