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Inmarsat Chooses Telemar SpA as Value Added Reseller for Global Xpress

By | May 2, 2014
      Inmarsat 5 F1 and 2

      Inmarsat 5 F1 and Inmarsat 5 F2 in a Boeing facility. Photo: Inmarsat

      [Via Satellite 05-02-2014] Inmarsat has selected Telemar SpA as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for its Global Xpress High Throughput Satellite (HTS), targeting Europe’s government market. Telemar was appointed as the first GX VAR for maritime in 2012, and has experience serving the maritime, government and enterprise markets. The two companies have worked together for more than 30 years.

      “Telemar has been a significant partner for Inmarsat over many decades,” said Andy Start, president of Inmarsat Global Government Services. “With its broad and well-established international VSAT experience, Telemar is a natural GX partner for Inmarsat. We are very pleased to welcome Telemar as a GX VAR in the Global Government sector and we look forward to working very closely with them to grow a successful and long-term GX business.”

      The first Global Xpress satellite, Inmarsat 5 F1, is on track for starting commercial service by mid-2014. The satellite was launched in December 2013. The full constellation will comprise three satellites and is expected to provide global coverage by the end of the year.

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