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Eutelsat Provides HTS Capacity to Wireless Innovation on Ka-Sat

By | May 1, 2014
      Ka-Sat Astrium

      Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat High Throughput Satellite. Photo: Astrium

      [Via Satellite 05-01-2014] Eutelsat has signed an agreement with Wireless Innovation to use Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat High Throughput Satellite (HTS) for communication services to Wireless Innovation’s utilities, renewables, construction, asset management and military sectors in Europe.

      The Ka-Sat HTS is a multi-spot-beam high capacity satellite designed for broadband communications. With its spot-beam configuration, the satellite can enable frequencies to be reused 20 times and bring total throughput to more than 90 Gbps.

      “Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat gives us the flexibility to provide our customers with instant access to high-speed broadband and data communications services anywhere across Europe. This capability is essential in core markets where operations often take place in remote environments,” said Phil Rouse, managing director at Wireless Innovation. “We have already begun to use the Ka-Sat service to meet customer demand and we are building a range of tailored communications solutions for our customers around the service.”

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