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DeLorme to Launch New inReach Product Line

By | April 22, 2014
      DeLorme inReach Explorer

      DeLorme’s inReach Explorer featuring built-in navigation. Photo: DeLorme

      [Via Satellite 04-22-2014] DeLorme is expanding its inReach personal satellite communicator product line with a new product called inReach Explorer. The device performs the traditional inReach functions of messaging, tracking and SOS, along with new navigational capabilities.

      inReach Explorer enables maps supported by a built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer sensors. Maps can displays routes, waypoints, tracks and messages that are geolocated onscreen to allow backtracking or self-rescue.

      The Explore portal allows inReach users to plan routes in advance and share them on social media. Using MapShare, tracking intervals provide updates on the user’s location at an interval ranging from four hours to two minutes depending on subscription level.

      DeLorme’s personal communicators run on Iridium’s satellite network. In the event of an emergency, an SOS feature automatically triggers remote tracking and communication with rescuers. inReach Explorer will be available in early May.

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