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Thuraya Exec: Satellite Companies Need Not Retreat from Terrestrial Competition

By | April 21, 2014
      Randy Roberts Thuraya

      Randy Roberts, VP of Innovations at Thuraya, talks to Via Satellite’s Editorial Director, Mark Holmes, at SATELLITE 2014

      Randy Roberts, Thuraya’s VP of Innovation addressed a repeated concern among attendees at SATELLITE 2014: what role satellite can play when terrestrial services are present.

      “One of the things I’ve heard here at the conference is, there seems to be a question of, ‘is the convergence between terrestrial and satellite possible? Is it going to happen?’ Frankly, for Thuraya, this is our reality. For us … that’s already happening, and this is a key driver for us going forward in terms of our innovation plans and product portfolio. [We ask] how do we exploit that even more?”

      Having held previous positions with Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and AT&T, Roberts gleaned skills from his experience in the mobile wireless world and discussed how he has applied them to Thuraya. In an interview with Mark Holmes, editorial director of Via Satellite, Roberts talks about how satellite can stay competitive and hints at some of Thuraya’s tactics to win over customers.

      Watch the full interview here.

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