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O3b to Provide Improved Connectivity to Norfolk Telecom Customers

By | April 9, 2014

      View of Norfolk Island. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

      [Via Satellite 04-09-2014] O3b Networks signed a multi-year agreement with Norfolk Telecom to provide O3b Trunk services to Norfolk Island customers, a small island off the eastern coast of Australia. Norfolk Telecom is the principal provider of mobile and fixed line telephone services and Internet services on Norfolk Island.

      “The O3b capacity will allow real time applications to be used for the first time such as Internet gaming, healthcare, video on demand, e-commerce and e-learning,” said Kim Davies, general manager of Norfolk Telecom.

      O3b will be a backhaul provider for users to connect to the Internet. Currently, traffic is routed from the island to New Zealand by geostationary satellite.

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