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Mitsubishi Electric Completes In-Orbit Delivery of Turksat 4A Satellite

By | April 1, 2014
      Turksat 4a Mitsubishi Electric

      A rendering of Turksat 4A in orbit. Photo: Mitsubishi Electric

      [Via Satellite 04-01-2014] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has completed in-orbit delivery of the Turksat 4A satellite to Turksat Satellite Communication, Cable TV and Operation Inc. Co. The satellite was launched to a predefined geostationary orbit on Feb. 15 where the company confirmed performance through a series of in-orbit tests.

      After completion of the tests, Turksat A.S. began providing communication and broadband services to countries including Turkey, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

      Mitsubishi is also preparing to launch the Turksat 4B this year in an effort to expand its space business in Japan and surrounding countries.

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