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ViaSat Approves C-Com Flyaway Antenna for Use with Exede Enterprise System

By | March 10, 2014
      iNetVu FLY-75V C-COM

      iNetVu FLY-75V. Photo: C-COM

      [Via Satellite 03-10-2014] ViaSat has authorized C-Com Satellite Systems’ new iNetVu Fly 75V antenna system for use on the ViaSat Exede Enterprise service. C-Com’s Fly 75V is the first auto-deploying flyaway product to be authorized for use on this ViaSat service in the U.S.

      ViaSat’s Ka-band, high-capacity satellite delivers broadband services for the accelerating demand from the government, military, broadcasting, oil and gas and emergency response markets.

      “C-COM has been working very closely with ViaSat to ensure that our new auto-acquiring flyaway antenna is fully compatible with the Exede Enterprise service and is in full compliance with Satellite News Gathering (SNG) antenna specifications,” said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-COM. “The Fly 75V system has passed all mechanical, optical, and RF performance tests as required by ViaSat’s auto-acquire terminal qualification process with a great level of pointing accuracy and repeatability.”

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