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Iridium to Provide Satellite Connectivity for ZTR Control Systems

By | March 6, 2014
      Iridium Short Burst Data Terminal

      An Iridium SBD terminal. Photo: Iridium

      [Via Satellite 03-06-2014] Iridium Communications has signed an agreement with ZTR Control Systems to use Iridium’s M2M Short Burst Data (SBD) service to provide satellite connectivity for the company’s inReach remote monitoring solution. The agreement will enable ZTR to provide connectivity and data services anywhere in the world using Iridium’s constellation of satellites. Beginning in April, ZTR will add intelligent dual mode capability to its flagship telematics device, providing automatic least-cost-routing of data to ensure that it is implemented in the most cost-effective manner. This service targets companies in the oil and gas, marine, rental, construction and rail industries.

      “Our partnership with Iridium has enabled us to deliver intelligent dual mode to our customers using best in breed wireless coverage. This will greatly simplify the management of our customer’s telematics-equipped fleets,” said Michael Tidy, general manager of the connected asset division at ZTR. “At ZTR, our long-standing goal is to make things that are complex simple for our customers, and this partnership helps us to continue to do just that.”

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