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Orange Business Services Extends Satellite Presence in Americas

By | February 21, 2014
      Offshore platform located in the Gulf of Mexico

      Offshore platform located in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo: Chad Teer

      [Via Satellite 02-21-2014] Orange Business Services is currently expanding its presence across corporate private networks with increased capacity, new licenses, integrated services and customer implementations in the oil, gas, mining and shipping industries.

      The company has recently doubled its satellite capacity in the Americas due to increased market demand, and has also added two new teleports in the United States. Orange has also received federal maritime licenses for offshore satellite operations in U.S. territorial waters, allowing them to provide services anywhere in North and South America or surrounding waters. The company also has the ability to deliver HD video to a broader range of remote regions that were previously unreachable via fixed lines, which is important for companies operating in highly isolated territories. Orange’s services can be used to access medical specialists or geology experts that would be too costly or impractical to host on site.

      “We are making investments to our network services that ensure Orange Business Services is providing the right mix of technologies to operate anywhere,” said Dennis Kruse, VP of satellite network services with Orange.

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