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Geolink, CETel to Provide VSAT Services in Guinea

By | February 11, 2014
      Geolink Teleport in Germany.

      Geolink’s Teleport in Germany. Photo: Geolink

      [Via Satellite 02-11-2014] Geolink Satellite Services will implement and manage global VSAT maritime solutions on an oil rig in the Gulf of Guinea.

      Geolink has deployed stabilized maritime antennas, Internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to support the business’ communication while keeping the crew connected. Geolink’s NOC is available around the clock, and has a customized quality of service (QoS) architecture that meets expectations set by the technical team. GeolinkBoard, Geolink’s monitoring tool, will also be available in real time to assess the performance of services provided on the rig.

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