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ITU Approves Recommendations for General Access Procedures

By | February 5, 2014
      Dick Tauber

      Dick Tauber. Photo: SSPI

      [Via Satellite 02-05-2014] International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has approved recommendations for general access procedures provided by the End Users Initiative (EUI), Satellite Interference Reduction Group’s (IRG) newly formed advisory committee.

      The EUI, formerly RFI-EUI, has worked with the ITU to guide technical requirements of updated access procedures in order to ensure reduced risk of issues such as satellite interference.

      The recommendation offers access procedures for fixed-satellite service (FSS) occasional use (OU) transmissions to geostationary-satellite orbit space stations in the 4/6 GHz and 11 12/13/14 GHz FSS bands.

      “We believe that these recommendations will have a significant impact on reducing satellite interference, by ensuring a certain number of requirements at the point of access,” said Dick Tauber, co-chair of EUI.

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