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GATR Assists Philippine Relief Movement with its Customers

By | December 26, 2013
      Philippines NGO Guiuan

      A GATR satellite antenna. Photo: GATR

      [Via Satellite 12-26-13] GATR and its customers Global DIRT and, along with Cisco Tactical Operations (TACOPS) and Intelsat General, contributed inflatable ground-based satellite terminals, networking equipment, satellite bandwidth, and support for recovery efforts in the Philippines.

      GATR deployed seven GATR inflatable systems and sent two systems to support Cisco TACOPS (a mobile team that quickly deploys to support emergencies that affect communications) to the Philippines. Customers Global DIRT and also deployed their GATR systems. Together these were among the first high-bandwidth satellite communications terminals deployed in key areas. GATR sent an operator to assist in the deployment of the two GATR-supplied systems and also facilitated a donation of satellite bandwidth from Intelsat General to support the effort.

      Cisco TACOPS set up in Guiuan and Borongan, on the eastern side of Samar Island, enabling the Philippine authorities to coordinate transportation, food distribution, and scheduling of inbound shipments for relief using data services and VoIP calls. Global DIRT provided connectivity for a Tacloban hospital, at least four Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) based at the hospital, and air operations for around 100 users. provided communications to NGOs in Tacloban atop the Town Hall building, at Ormoc City Hall, and later in Guiuan city as part of the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP) mission in support of numerous U.N. agencies.

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