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Alphasat Moved to Operational Orbital Position, Ready for Service

By | November 20, 2013
      Inmarsat Astrium Africa DLR

      Alphasat carrying a quartet of test technologies. Photo: ESA

      [Via Satellite 11-20-13] Alphasat, designed and built by Astrium, has reached its operational in-orbit position and has successfully completed all in-orbit tests.

      Built for Inmarsat, Astrium developed the technology with investment support from the Technology Strategy Board and the United Kingdom Space Agency. The satellite carries a new generation of advanced geomobile communications payload in L-band to augment Inmarsat’s existing broadband network service across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The spacecraft also delivers additional L-band space segment redundancy and consolidates safety of life services for the aeronautical and maritime sectors.

      Additionally, Alphasat carries four technology demonstration payloads for ESA, including a laser communications terminal developed under a German space agency DLR contract.

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