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MTN Communications Selects Spark’s Distrix SDN Platform for Cruise Ships

By | November 19, 2013
      MTN Spark Maratime Cruise TV Cellular

      Photo: MTN Communications

      [Via Satellite 11-19-13] MTN Communications has selected Spark Integration Technologies’ Distrix Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform as one of the enabling solutions for its Nexus product. MTN’s Nexus is a next generation communications ecosystem targeted for maritime that is delivered through the convergence of satellite and terrestrial network access, cloud computing infrastructure, and software development.

      “This platform gave us a way to deliver a long sought after solution cruise ship lines need to deliver to today’s highly connected passengers and crew in a hotly competitive market,” said Bob Wise, CIO, MTN.

      Spark provides a next generation SDN overlay solution specifically designed to enable secure complex network communication across a range of communication technologies including satellite, cellular, microwave, Wi-Fi and others. As the connection is moved from one network to another based on connection and reliability, smart switching will deliver greater automation, control and management of bandwidth to cruise partners.

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