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Intelsat Signs with Telespazio to Access the Fucino Space Centre Teleport in Italy

By Jeffrey Hill | September 14, 2023
Telespazio Fucino Space Center

Telespazio’s Fucino Space Center. Photo: Telespazio

Intelsat is expanding its teleport network to include Telespazio’s Fucino Space Centre in Italy, the satellite operator announced Thursday. Intelsat said it signed the teleport agreement with Telespazio to accommodate the growth of its FlexEnterprise offering and to enable additional managed satellite services.

The agreement connects Intelsat’s existing data center in Fuchsstadt, Germany with Telespazio’s Fucino facility, servicing the IntelsatOne IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) terrestrial network and Intelsat;s Epic satellite fleet.

Intelsat’s Regional Vice President and General Manager Rhys Morgan said that the Fucino gateway will deliver in-country ground facilities for Italian energy and government organizations that may have regulatory and security requirements to route satellite traffic locally as well as Media businesses looking for European or global distribution.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Intelsat, allowing us to expand the set of services available from our Fucino teleport in the energy and government market segments which are of great interest to Telespazio,” said Alessandro Caranci, Senior Vice President of Satellite Communications at Telespazio.