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Community Wi-Fi: Education, Healthcare, and Economic Equality w/ Dave Rehbehn and Peter Gulla

By | August 30, 2019

On this episode of On Orbit: Hughes’ Dave Rehbehn (Top) and Peter Gulla (Bottom)

Connecting the world’s disconnected is a mission we take to heart at On Orbit. After all, our debut episode focused on bridging the digital divide. We like to think of this endeavor as satellites enabling global economic equality.

In this episode, Hughes Network Systems’ Dave Rehbehn and Peter Gulla join On Orbit host Jeffrey Hill for a granular look at the global effort to bring the world online. Dave and Peter provide a boots-on-the-ground viewpoint on the role of both existing and new constellation satellites for providing affordable access – from cellular backhaul to community Wi-Fi to the deployment of new GEO and LEO assets. The trio also talks a bit about Hughes’ own community Wi-Fi program and its utilization of community advocates and entrepreneurship, as well as how the industry as a whole can advance understanding of the value of satellite in the connected future.  

Listen to the episode here:

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Episode Links & Notes:

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