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Thursday Morning Conversation With Vagan Shakhgildian of Comtech

By | January 12, 2022

Our Thursday Morning Conversation this week features Vagan Shakhgildian, president of the Commercial Group at Comtech Satellite Network Technologies. It is set to be an exciting year for Comtech as it looks to get traction for its new technology solution, Comtech Elevate, its latest VSAT platform. We talk about this new platform, and what it will bring to Comtech’s customers.

But, this being a Thursday Morning Conversation, means we ‘elevate’ the conversation into other areas as well, and find out how Vagan links Viasat and the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team into the conversation. We hope you enjoy.

Via Satellite‘s Thursday Morning Conversations feature casual conversations with top executives and all-stars in the satellite community. In addition to what’s happening in the business of satellite, TMCs dig into what’s happening outside the office. Favorite TV show, first music concert, preferred late night snack — nothing is off the table in Thursday Morning Conversations! Catch up on all of the previous Via Satellite TMCs right here.