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SES Launches Open Orbits Network for In-Flight Connectivity

By Rachel Jewett | May 29, 2024

SES is launching an IFC network called Open Orbits. Photo: SES

SES is launching Open Orbits, an open architecture network to pool capacity from regional satellite operators for a worldwide in-flight connectivity (IFC) service for airlines. 

The interoperable Ka-band platform will combine capacity from SES’s multi-orbit fleet, along with NEO Space Group (NSG), a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF); AeroSat Link (ASL), a subsidiary of China Satcom; and Hughes Communications India (HCI).  

SES said that Open Orbits will support an open architecture network where traffic can be intelligently steered from one interoperable Ka-band network to another, to deliver video, data, and communications to passengers. It is available to airlines that are part of the Airbus HBCplus program, as SES is a managed service provider in the program. SES is also working with partner Safran Passenger Innovations to offer Open Orbits on Boeing aircraft through the Boeing technical service agreement process.

Elias Zaccack, global head of Aviation for SES said in a news release that this service will allow airlines to roam seamlessly across multiple satellites and orbits for the best quality in-flight connectivity services.

“By spearheading the creation of SES Open Orbits using an open architecture that supports multiple orbits and multiple waveforms, SES is enabling more satellite operators and inflight service providers to participate in the global market for inflight connectivity,” Zaccack said.