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Inmarsat Launches OneFi, a New Platform for Airlines

By | September 21, 2021

Image: Inmarsat via Business Wire

Inmarsat has made a move in the In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) arena with the launch of a brand-new platform, OneFi, a customer experience platform for airlines. Inmarsat announced Tuesday that it is in advanced discussions with leading airlines about adopting the platform and expects to see a rollout with its first OneFi customer by the end of this year.

OneFi is designed to be an airline-branded digital platform to enhance the passenger experience onboard flights. It will allow passengers to order food and beverages, purchase seat upgrades, and receive flight destination information. In addition, passengers will be able to browse the internet, stream videos and audio with the high-speed in-flight broadband that airlines could choose to offer free-of-charge, funded through OneFi’s sponsorship and advertising features.

OneFi is network agnostic and uses open architecture, meaning it can integrate with any technology infrastructure and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) used by airlines. The platform is also scalable, giving airline customers the flexibility to add new third-party services over time.

Philip Balaam, president of Inmarsat Aviation, said OneFi is a step change for those airlines looking to monetize Wi-Fi services and ensure they keep pace with evolving passenger needs. “It will empower a digital transformation in the cabin, which is especially important at this critical time for the aviation industry,” he says.