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Intelsat Adds Cloud Connect Capability to Network Services

By | September 21, 2020
Intelsat US Administrative Headquarters

Intelsat US Administrative Headquarters: Photo: Intelsat

Intelsat revealed on Monday Intelsat Cloud Connect, a new capability that’s part of the company’s global managed networking services. The capability allows enterprises to access their cloud applications anywhere at any time, even where traditional terrestrial connectivity infrastructure is unavailable.

Intelsat’s Cloud Connect helps solve enterprise access limitations by providing a private gateway between a cloud service provider and cloud users, using Intelsat’s global integrated space-and-terrestrial network. This private gateway helps enterprises quickly extend cloud-based applications to virtually all of their locations, and to their remote workers — without having to build new terrestrial network facilities or rely on public internet connections.

Initially available to Intelsat FlexEnterprise customers, Cloud Connect currently supports Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connectivity via the FlexEnterprise managed service.

“With Cloud Connect, there are really two customers who benefit: our network service provider customers who can add a highly demanded feature to their enterprise networking offerings, and their enterprise customers, who can use it to quickly, cost-effectively and securely extend cloud-based applications where and when they need them—regardless of the condition of the local connectivity infrastructure,” said Jean-Philippe Gillet, general manager of Intelsat’s networks business.