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Harris Awarded $51 Million Delivery Order From Central European Nation

By | June 12, 2019
Photo: Harris

Photo: Harris

Harris Corporation was awarded a $51 million Foreign Military Sales (FMS) delivery order to provide Falcon III radios to a Central European nation – delivering narrowband and wideband networking capabilities and offering greater interoperability with U.S. and NATO allies for coalition operations.

Under the award, Harris will provide Falcon III AN/PRC-158, AN/PRC-160, AN/PRC-152A and AN/PRC-117G manpack and handheld radios as part of the country’s modernization program.

“Our customer requires advanced, highly secure communication networks that provide interoperability with their NATO partners,” said Christopher Aebli, vice president and general manager, International Tactical Communications. “These modern, software defined radios meet our customer’s current requirements and are upgradeable to address future evolving needs.”