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CETel Gets SES-12 Capacity

By | February 20, 2019
SES 12 Airbus Defence and Space

Artist rendition of the SES 12. Photo: SES

CETel, a German service provider of global managed end-to-end communications solutions, signed a substantial lease contract for satellite capacity with its strategic partner SES Networks. The capacity is secured on the recently launched  SES-12 satellite, which is one of SES’ largest Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites. The satellite carries six wide beams and 72 high-throughput spotbeams serving regions from Middle East to the Asia-Pacific.

The coverage reaches from Cyprus in the West to Japan in the East, and South to Australia and North to Russia. Its coverage helps enable CETel to provide solutions from its own communications hub located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The services can be delivered via hub-based or hub-less technology according to the requirements of CETel’s customers.

“We committed to this capacity to assure that our customers benefit from powerful and reliable satellite communications,” said CETel Managing Director Guido Neumann. “The demand for encompassing connectivity solutions, especially in the Middle East is trending upwards. Securing this capacity is key to our business, particularly for the oil and gas and the mining sectors. Automation and digitalization in these industries feed the demand for data transmission and CETel is best prepared to deliver broadband-like connectivity to even the harshest and remotest environments to fuel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and thus improve operational results.”