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Microsoft, Kymeta Demo On-the-Move Defense Solutions

By | May 16, 2018
Kymeta and Microsoft provide always-connected mobility

Kymeta and Microsoft have partnered to provide always-connected mobility for first response and defense. Photo Credit: Kymeta

Microsoft and Kymeta have announced simultaneous land mobile, maritime defense and first responder demonstrations during the 2018 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) and Connectivity Expo (Connect X) from May 21-24. The companies are jointly demonstrating end-to-end communications and network on the edge with Microsoft’s patrol and tactical vehicles featuring hardware, software, Windows Apportals, Azure Cloud integration, and connectivity to the Internet of Things (IOT), all connected using a flat-panel, satellite Kymeta KyWay Terminal.

Microsoft built two vehicles designed for demonstration purposes including a Chevrolet Suburban Tactical Vehicle, to be used at SOFIC, and a Chevrolet Tahoe Advanced Patrol Vehicle for Connect X. Both vehicles feature a Kymeta KyWay Terminal for always-on connectivity.