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Spacecom and hiSky to Offer MSS and IOT Services in the Middle East

By | March 14, 2018
Artist’s rendition of the Amos-17 satellite based on the BSS-702MP bus. Image Credit: Boeing

Artist’s rendition of the Amos 17 satellite based on the BSS-702MP bus. Image Credit: Boeing

Spacecom announced a cooperation agreement with hiSky to provide low-capacity voice, data Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and satellite Internet of Things (IOT) services in the Middle East via Amos 17’s Ka-bands and hiSky’s newly developed Smartellite family satellite terminals.

Using Amos 17’s Ka-band beams, hiSky’s Smartellite family solution includes a compact portable satellite IOT device based on Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA) technology, to provide low data rate services for various applications such as connected vehicles, trains, the energy and agricultural sectors in remote areas.

The Smartellite family are small, lightweight, and portable. With a built-in electronic pointing antenna, the units automatically locate the satellite in milliseconds. The secure integrated modem is designed for low and medium data rate and includes easy to use management tools.