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Thaicom Launches New High-Speed Maritime Service Platform

By | February 27, 2018
Photo: Flickr/Bernard Spragg.

Photo: Flickr/Bernard Spragg.

Thaicom has announced the introduction of Nava, the company’s new maritime service platform for ship and offshore operators. With the launch of Nava, Thaicom is able to support the maritime industry’s digital transformation and expand its broadband service platform.

Thaicom Nava is a high-speed broadband service designed to connect everyone and everything at sea, enabling efficient vessel operations and connecting crew and passengers to the internet. According to Thaicom, the new platform can support very high data rates able to provide Fiber-to-the-Ship (FTTS)- like connectivity.

“We are launching three Nava solutions that we developed to meet our customers’ needs. Nava Ship Manager offers asset and engine monitoring, fuel advice, and maintenance planning to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Nava Connect provides high-speed internet connectivity for vessel operation and crew and passengers to keep connected with their families. Nava Media provides access to online entertainment, social media, and training on board,” said Thaicom’s senior vice president of media and retail Ekachai Phakdurong. “At launch time, Thaicom plans to offer Nava services in high growth potential markets including Japan and Thailand first due to our strong market position there in providing maritime services.”