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York Space Systems to Expand Manufacturing With New Denver Facility 

By | May 21, 2021

York Space System says its new facility will deliver spacecraft in just days after a contract is awarded. Photo: York Space Systems

York Space Systems is planning to build a new, larger manufacturing facility in its headquarter city of Denver, Colorado, in order to boost manufacturing capability to keep up with customer demand. 

In a May 18 announcement, York claims the new Manufacturing Technology Center will boost its production capacity by four times. Now, York can manufacture up to 20 spacecraft simultaneously, but the new facility will allow the company to deliver spacecraft as fast as 30 days after a contract award. 

The company did not specify when the new facility will be ready. The new three-story facility will be the company’s third building, after it achieved full capacity in its first production facility, announced in May 2020.

“Our next generation mega-center ensures our ability to deliver our proven solutions at a rate and scale that is unprecedented in the space industry,” said Dirk Wallinger, CEO of York. “We haven’t stopped listening closely to our government and commercial customers. What’s important to them – speed and affordability – remain our foundational values.”

York Space Systems also recently added a larger and more powerful platform called the LX-Class to its family of spacecraft platforms.