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Farmers Edge Releases App-Based In-Field Intelligence Tool

By | April 18, 2019
Photo: Farmer's Edge

Photo: Farmer’s Edge

Farmers Edge released an app-based in-field intelligence tool. Digitally linking growers, dealers, retailers, trusted advisors, and other stakeholders, the In-Cab Tool aims to provide visibility of every field activity while simplifying record-keeping, improving workflow, and reducing the risk of data losses. Integrated with existing features of the FarmCommand platform, including: on-farm weather conditions and forecasts, daily satellite imagery, predictive modeling, and automated crop health change detection.

The In-Cab Tool builds on recent strategic collaborations with agricultural companies including CNHi, Global Ag Risk Solutions, PartnerRe, HBS, Raven, Lindsay Corporation, Richardson Pioneer, and NuFarm. The tool features wireless, mixed-fleet connectivity and can be used to plan jobs, view live data streaming and mapping, adjust field operations, manage maintenance schedules, track supplies, and share information.. Powered by the company’s telematics device — Gen. 2 CanPlug — all data is collected, transferred, and processed automatically.

“The combination of live interactivity and automated reporting improves the ability for growers, retailers, and other stakeholders to identify and address factors that may be impacting a farm’s revenue or productivity, said Ron Osborne, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of Farmers Edge. “Whether it’s more intelligently dispatching sprayers, reducing operator idling, monitoring custom applications to ensure accuracy, or understanding which machine performs best for each job, the FarmCommand In-Cab Tool delivers unmatched transparency and flexibility to unlock the value of data.”