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iDirect Government Brings New Software to Defense Market

By | April 19, 2018

iDirect Government has unveiled a key new software release, Evolution 4.2, as it looks to take advantage of opportunities in the defense market. Evolution 4.2 brings the full capabilities of the 9-Series satellite routers, defense line cards and tactical hub. Evolution 4.2 also continues to support existing 8-Series satellite routers and eMxDx line cards.

Evolution 4.2 delivers ultra-enhanced features in performance, efficiency and security in support of the company’s defense and government customers. When used with the 9-Series, Evolution 4.2 boosts single carrier capacity to 29 mega-symbols per second (Msps) (previously 7.5 Msps in Evolution 2.3) as well as 10 times improvement — with achievements up to 64,000 Packet-Per-Second (PPS) of simultaneous traffic. These increased speeds and throughput are ideal for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) content, larger volumes of simultaneous voice calls as well as other bandwidth-intensive applications for land, air or sea.