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GetSat Wins Comms-On-the-Move Deal with US Government

By | March 21, 2018
GetSat's MilliSat LW satellite terminal. Photo: GetSat.

GetSat’s MilliSat LW satellite terminal. Photo: GetSat.

The U.S. government has selected GetSat’s MicroSat and MilliSat Land and Maritime (L/M) versions to provide maritime and ground-based secure Communications-On-the-Move (COTM) applications. The deal is worth an undisclosed multi-million dollar amount, according to the company.

GetSat’s micronized communications terminals are based on the company’s fully interlaced InterFlat panel technology for transmitting and receiving signals on the same panel. GetSat’s L/M platforms are rugged, micronized terminals that can be outfitted with various antenna sizes in accordance with bandwidth requirements of ground, air and marine applications. Its all-in-one design, including a Block Upconverter (BUC) and modem, is optimized for harsh environment specs.

MicroSat L/M has options for both Ka- and Ku-band, providing autonomous operation for transmitting and receiving bandwidth data rates at more than 10 Mbps, according to GetSat. MilliSat L/M Ka is a medium portable Ka-Band satellite terminal solution that enables fully autonomous transmission and reception of bandwidth data rates of more than 20 Mbps.