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Roscosmos and Roshydromet Finalize Meteor M2 Satellite Testing

By | January 16, 2015
      Meteor M2 Roshydromet Roscosmos

      An image taken by Meteor M2. Photo: Roscosmos

      [Via Satellite 01-16-2015] The Russian remote-sensing satellite Meteor M2, launched on July 8, 2014 aboard a Soyuz rocket with six other spacecraft, is close to finishing a lengthy series of in-orbit tests. According to TsENKI, the testing requires extra time due to the number and complexity of on-board systems.

      Both the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos and the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Roshydromet are currently processing information from the satellite. The primary purposes of Meteor M2 are to provide meteorological and oceanographic information. The satellite carries a microwave radiometer, a helio-geophysical instrumental complex and an infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer. The agencies plan to continue conducting tests and honing Meteor M2’s calibration before putting the satellite into regular operation.