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Ultra Electronics and Thuraya to Provide End-to-End Communications for Government Customers

By Rachel Scharmann | April 29, 2014
Thuraya network remote

Users in the government and NGO sectors use Thuraya’s networks and solutions to communicate in remote locations. Photo: Thuraya

[Via Satellite 04-29-2014] Ultra Electronics AEP has signed an agreement with Thuraya Telecommunications to offer an end-to-end solution involving the communicate and encrypt range of solutions Ultra Electronics AEP offers to end users in the government. This solution is incorporated within communicate and offers agnostic, seamless switching between Thuraya’s satellite and terrestrial networks and includes high-standard integrated encryption.

“Users in the government sector demand solutions that are secure and highly reliable at all times. Our partnership with Ultra Electronics AEP enables us to offer extremely secure communications over our robust satellite network. It also allows users to switch seamlessly between Thuraya’s satellite network and available terrestrial connections for clear communications and uninterrupted coverage no matter where they are deployed,” said Randy Roberts, vice president of innovation at Thuraya.

The solution will be geared toward government end-users, but will also be offered to Thuraya customers in energy, media, maritime and humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sectors.