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Eutelsat Contracts With Exotrail for Cloud-Based Mission Design Software 

By | March 30, 2020

Exotrail’s ExoOPS – Mission Design. Photo: Exotrail

Exotrail has released its cloud-based mission design software, ExoOPS – Mission Design for customers, and announced that Eutelsat is contracted to use the software. Eutelsat Project Manager Antonin Hirsch said the software offers rapid and simple solutions for the optimization of constellation geometries and launch scenarios, low-thrust trajectories, and measuring the impact of propulsion on our systems. 

Exotrail said in recent months, after its software validation process, the software was adjusted based on feedback collected from satellite and constellation operators, integrators, and space agencies. Eutelsat participated in beta-trial period of the software since last summer, and then committed to purchase a license. 

“This further cements the collaboration between Exotrail and Eutelsat, following the announcement that two satellites of Eutelsat’s future ELO constellation (ELO 3 & 4) will also embark Exotrail’s propulsion systems,” Exotrail CEO David Henri said. “This illustrates that we can help our customers at several stages: mission design, propulsion systems, mission operation. Propulsion can drastically improve the business cases of constellations: we are here to explain how to do it.”