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OrbitsEdge Appoints Barbara Stinnett as CEO

By | September 30, 2019

OrbitsEdge CEO Barbara Stinnett. Photo: OrbitsEdge

OrbitsEdge appointed Barbara Stinnett as CEO. OrbitsEdge designs Low Earth Orbit (LEO) micro-data centers, aiming to accelerate the commercialization of space by enabling organizations to economically streamline and analyze vast amounts of data in space. OrbitsEdge creates solutions using off-the-shelf EDGE technology and software and analytics, combined with its proprietary SatFrame technology.

Stinnett brings over three decades of Silicon Valley applied technologies experience, at Fortune 25 firms, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Cisco, in which she drove growth and innovation. As a global leader, she has experience in developing markets and their ecosystems, bringing creative solutions to each vertical market across commercial and governmental entities. Her experience in mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, led her to CEO and board of director positions for private equity and venture capital firm portfolios.  Stinnett has extensive experience raising early-stage funds for technology firms.

“Commercialization of space holds amazing opportunities and at the same time has unique challenges. It’s truly one of the last frontiers for us to explore,” Stinnett said. “OrbitsEdge will provide the needed infrastructure with our proprietary SatFrame technology which allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively expand their value proposition to new heights.”