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Speedcast, Xiplink Form Partnership for WAN Solutions

By | June 19, 2019
SpeedCast Teleport

A Speedcast teleport. Photo: Speedcast

Speedcast International and XipLink formed a strategic partnership to develop technologies to help maximize efficiencies in data transfer across wide area networks (WAN).

As the technology convergence between the network and application layers speeds up, Speedcast and XipLink both see the importance in developing next-generation solutions that are flexible and scalable across different environments. The partnership is focused on the two companies’ strengths across three main areas. Speedcast will integrate XipLink into cellular backhaul solutions to improve network efficiencies, and XipLink will be hosted on Speedcast’s  SIGMA Gateway network management device with the capability to be activated remotely as a Virtual Machine (VM). Additionally, Speedcast and XipLink operational and software personnel will integrate network management interfaces and leverage machine-driven analytics to simplify operational processes, increase network visibility, and help enhance customer experience.

“Speedcast recognizes the important role that network optimization plays in managing critical communications. The XipLink partnership gives us the ability to expand the scope of our services and provide innovative technologies to our customers across the industries we serve,” said Tim Bailey, Executive Vice President, Products, Marketing and Business Development, Speedcast. “XipLink’s WAN optimization solutions will improve network efficiency and deliver increased throughput for our customers’ business-critical applications.”