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Rignet Makes Double Acquisition to Boost Position in Oil and Gas

By | April 20, 2018
deep water rig

Photo: RigNet

RigNet aims to strengthen its position in the oil and gas market with two major new acquisitions in the United States: Automation Communications Engineering (Auto-Comm), a diversified telecommunications services company, and Safety Controls (SAFCON), a safety and security service provider. Auto-Comm provides communications services, for both onshore and offshore remote locations. SAFCON offers safety, security, and maintenance services also to the oil and gas sector.

These acquisitions aim to expand Rignet’s services in the oil and gas industry and will attempt to add value across its systems integration and managed communications services businesses. The company hopes these acquisitions will further strengthen its relationships with oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Rignet has been quite active recently. At the end of March, it closed he previously announced acquisition of Intelie, which has developed a technology platform for real-time predictive analytics. The acquisition of Intelie accelerates RigNet’s strategy to move up the network stack and furthers the development of valuable enterprise applications powered by highly differentiated data analysis.