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SSi Canada Buys Additional SES Capacity to Support Government Broadband  

By | April 28, 2022

SSi Canada Partners with SES Networks to deliver broadband to Northern Canada (Photo via SES/Business Wire)

SSi Canada purchased additional SES capacity to expand broadband access in Northern Canada, including the Nunavut territory. Under the agreement announced Thursday, SES will provide additional satellite capacity from its Ka-band SES-17 satellite launched last year

Initial capacity will serve Pond Inlet and Iqaluit. 

This builds on existing agreements through which SSi Canada uses C-Band capacity from the SES AMC-18 satellite to provide broadband in Nunavut. SSi Canada, which operates QINIQ broadband, said this supports Canada’s Connectivity Strategy to connect 98% of citizens to a minimum broadband service of 50/10 Mbps by 2026, and all Canadians by 2030. 

“The additional SES capacity provides support for vibrant cultures and close-knit communities, as well as new opportunities for work, education and access to better healthcare,” said Jeff Philipp, founder and CEO of SSi Canada. “Our commitment is clear: we are delivering top-quality broadband services today. Our partnership with SES leverages all the resources available to us and shows the progress we can make when working together as part of Canada’s Connectivity Strategy.”