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UltiSat Signs OneWeb Distribution Agreement 

By | April 26, 2022
UltiSat teleport.

An UltiSat teleport. Photo: UltiSat

UltiSat signed a distribution agreement with OneWeb government subsidiary OneWeb Technologies. UltiSat — a subsidiary of Speedcast that provides end-to-end managed networks — plans to include OneWeb’s Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity in its offerings to government and mobility markets. 

UltiSat said in an April 26 announcement it will combine OneWeb Technologies service with UltiSat’s self-owned and operated Global Interconnect Network (GIN). UltiSat will provide equipment integration, field services, customer support, logistics, and lifecycle management. The company can also combine OneWeb Technologies’ services with other satellite and wireless communications technologies to provide a multi-path, multi-orbit solution. 

“The rapidly changing satellite communications industry has created a myriad of innovative product and service concepts, both in orbit and on the ground,” said UltiSat president and CEO David Myers. “But for many customers, discerning which new offerings are truly mission ready can be daunting. At UltiSat we pride ourselves on being a technology and vendor agnostic solution provider. We make objective evaluations of new technologies to ensure they will perform for our customers, especially in tough operating environments.”

This agreement is part of a product and services expansion strategy that UltiSat began late last year to evaluate emerging satellite technologies. Also this year, UltiSat signed reseller agreements with Kymeta and Sub U Systems.