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Newtec, Satsol to Provide Internet Connectivity for Solomon Islands

By | January 18, 2019
A Satsol teleport. Photo: Newtec

A Satsol teleport. Photo: Newtec

Newtec provided a Newtec Dialog hub system to Satsol, a teleport and Internet Service Provider (ISP) on the Solomon Islands. As one of the Solomon Islands’ three ISPs, Satsol currently provides approximately 20 percent of the country’s internet bandwidth. The company owns and operates the highest teleport in Guadalcanal, overlooking the capital city of Honiara, and has built the largest Wireless ISP (WISP) network in the country.

The Newtec Dialog platform aims to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity for the Solomon Islands government, with a single hop service from remote islands to the capital, Honiara. Satsol is currently rolling out the remote sites, initially in ten provincial hub locations. The education system will also benefit, as the improved provincial network will be extended to secondary schools.

“Satsol is a locally owned company and we know just how important it is to stay connected to the rest of the world and the impact that this can have on quality of life and the economy,” said Satsol Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Antony Ferris. “The installation of Newtec Dialog has enabled us to replace a double hop link with just a single hop. Newtec’s Mx-DMA technology has enabled us to optimize our bandwidth usage and to transform the overall user experience in a cost-effective way.”