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By | March 26, 2014

      iGT Releases DoD-Approved Router Board

      iDirect Government Technologies (iGT), a subsidiary of iDirect, has released its new satellite router, the e150 Integrated Router Board. The router board is designed to meet the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) satcom requirements for remote sensor monitoring.

      The e150 was created for sensor applications, with features including DVB-S2/ACM, time division multiple access (TDMA), basic routing and virtual local area network functionality. The device also includes spread spectrum for small antenna applications and transmit keyline control for battery power management savings.


      Skybox Signs Agreement with Orbital for Satellite Launches

      Orbital’s Minotaur launch vehicle. Photo: Orbital

      Orbital’s Minotaur launch vehicle. Photo: Orbital

      Skybox Imaging has signed an agreement with Orbital Sciences to launch six more satellites into orbit. The satellites will be launched into a sun-synchronous orbit aboard Orbital’s Minotaur C space launch vehicle, a commercial version of their Minotaur product line that serves the U.S. government market. The launch is scheduled for late 2015 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

      These satellites are part of Skybox’s planned constellation of 24 high-resolution Earth observation satellites that will be able to visit any point on Earth several times a day.



      Advantech Wireless Announces New 10kW S-band GaN based SSPA

      Advantech Wireless has announced the release of its new 10kW S-band Solid State Pulse Amplifier (SSPA), a fully modular device that operates over the band of 2.7-2.9 GHz. Features include a duty cycle monitor and pulse width monitor to control operation.

      These GaN-based SSPAs are designed to be used in both military and civilian radar systems as a replacement for older generation Klystrons and TWTs. The modular design of the SSPAs allow plug-in modules such as power supplies and RF modules to be hot-swapped with no interruption of service.


      Kratos Introduces Portable C2 System for Small Satellite Missions

      Kratos Defense & Security Solutions announced the release of quantumCMD, a portable Command and Control (C2) system designed for small satellite missions.

      These small satellites, known as microsats, CubeSats and nanosats, are compact alternatives to the costly larger satellite missions. Traditional satellite missions can cost anywhere from $300 million to $1 billion, while small satellite missions cost between $1 million and $2 million.

      Kratos claims that the quantumCMD is the industry’s first commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), pre-integrated, turnkey smallsat C2 appliance that includes all necessary hardware and software for small satellite operations. The system includes a built-in HTML5-based Web server, a fully automated “lights-out” operation and the ability to create a Common Operational Picture (COP) across multiple satellites. The system also has a standards-based architecture, requiring minimal customization once purchased.


      MTN Announces New App for Maritime Crews

      OceanPhone Mobile calling app for crew from. Photo: MTN Satellite Communications

      OceanPhone Mobile calling app for crew from. Photo: MTN Satellite Communications

      MTN Communications has announced the availability of its first calling app for maritime crew. The companys’s OceanPhone Mobile leverages the Wi-Fi infrastructure on vessels along with the MTN network to provide calling and messaging to crews at sea.

      The OceanPhone Mobile, an extension of MTN’s OceanPhone calling solution, gives crew members the opportunity to stay in touch using their personal smartphones and tablets, enabling access to family and friends at home or to crewmates on other vessels.


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