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Eutelsat unveils innovative home network solutions for broadcast and IP services

By | March 11, 2014

      Eutelsat Communications is unveiling at Cabsat Dubai a new consumer solution for broadcast and IP-based services that combines satellite and mobile networks for a low-cost and easy to implement suite of digital services.

      The home network solution devised by Eutelsat uses a newly designed single-feed Ku/Ka LNB mounted on a single off-the-shelf dish for Direct-to-Home TV reception and reception of IP services. The return path is routed via a low-cost box that directs requests sent from PCs , tablets and smartphones through mobile (3G, GPRS, Edge …) or ADSL networks.  Users can use a regular mobile device or a 3G dongle fitted on the box for the return link.

      The concept also leverages the benefits of Ku and Ka-band resources at a single orbital position including the new EUTELSAT 25B satellite that provides Ku and Ka reach of North Africa and the Middle East. While the Ku capacity is optimised for broadcasting, the Ka can be developed for downloading IP services,  including videostreaming.

      This new hybrid solution, combining satellite and mobile networks, opens opportunities for mobile and telecom operators as well as broadcasters to bundle television and Internet services at low-cost. For the consumer, it facilitates fast IP downloads via satellite using a regular mobile device for connecting to the Internet in the home.

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