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Research names GS Group the sole manufacturer of satellite STB in Russia

By | February 27, 2014

      “According to the official statistics, production of set-top boxes and satellite TV decoders ( in Russia is aligned in the Kaliningrad region only. It is exactly the place where GS Group enterprises within Technopolis GS innovation cluster are located”, – the authors of the research note. “In 2013 the company announced on its growing manufacturing assets in Russia for meeting the demand both in the domestic and foreign markets. The holding manufactures TV equipment on the basis of Technopolis GS”.

      All digital satellite set-top boxes manufactured by GS Group under General Satellite brand correspond to the actual market trends which were revealed by Discovery Research Group marketing analysis. Among the major trends in the market the agency lists the increasing demand for set-top boxes that support HD-format (high resolution live image), gradual decrease in the size of equipment, increasing demand for hybrid devices that can provide other services (radio, Internet) along with the TV, as well as the hard disk for recording programs broadcast in the air.

      Currently, all the devices from the new lineup of digital satellite and terrestrial set-top boxes, such as GS 6301, GS U510, B210 and other back reception of high-definition channels (HD), provide a full range of necessary digital TV services (subtitles, teletext, EPG), and are able to play media content from the external media. Many models, among them digital satellite set-top box U210 maintain SD- and HD- recording TV programs in a protected format (PVR), deferred viewing with the ability to rewind a live broadcast (TimeShift). General Satellite set-top boxes have convenient adaptable user-friendly graphical interface and ergonomic design of the case.

      “Quality and high technological level of our new developments and digital STB produced on their basis proves that there are companies today in Russia that are able to produce high-tech electronic equipment competitive according to the world’s standards”, – Andrey Bezrukov, Ag. Director of Strategic Marketing of GS Group holding commented. “GS Group intends to continue developing up-to-date popular mass market products popularity of which among users is growing from year to year”, – he resumed.

      Discovery Research Group notes the tendency of annual growth of STB and satellite decoders output in Russia. According to the experts from Discovery Research Group, the volume of Russian market of satellite set-top boxes by the end of 2013 amounted to 6.5 million units. In comparison with the previous year, the market volume increased by 6%, the share of imported products accounts for almost 50% of the Russian market of satellite receivers, the study notes.

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