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ITS Electronics: Enabling Satcom Mobility

By | November 1, 2008

      ITS Electronics (ITS) designs and manufactures microwave and millimeter wave products and subsystems that enable transmission, reception and conditioning of high frequency digitally modulated signals used in satellite communications and terrestrial communications systems. ITS equipment provides the RF path and is positioned between the modem and the antenna. Our multifunction RF modules-LRUs operate over 1-60GHz and include integrated transceivers, solid state power amplifiers, up/down converters, translators, redundancy controllers and distribution amplifiers. Our products are offered in a single, 1:1 and 1:2 redundancy configurations. They provide complete remote control capability through a variety of remote interfaces — RS232, RS422, RS485, IEEE488, Ethernet and contact closure as well as complete "boot load" on-site remote capability. Our technology differentiator is employing our own clean room processes using "chip-and-wire" custom designs to offer optimum solutions to the existing and emerging markets.

      ITS Electronics Inc. has successfully operated for more than 21 years. Today the company employs 70 people and occupies a modern and efficient fully air-conditioned facility. ITS is led by an experienced management team and is supported by an experienced on-shore network of manufacturing partners. ITS’ clean room is equipped with a robotics line that is capable of producing large volumes of SSPA and converter modules when such need arises. The clean room process is qualified to Mil – STD-883. ITS is also a winner of Rockwell-Collins "Top Supplier in a Lean Environment" award as well as Bell Canada "Technological and Manufacturing Excellence" award.

      A significant milestone for the company was the achievement of ISO 9001 in the early 1999. In 2003, ITS had achieved both ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard and SAE AS9100A Standard required for the airborne industry.

      ITS is a recognized leader in the field of high-speed satellite data communications. ITS pioneered the high-power Ka-band SSPA (90 Watts) almost 10 years ago. ITS has patented a high efficiency RF combiner technology which has empowered many emerging Ka-band services in the commercial and military fields. Today ITS offers a complete line of Ka-band BUC/SSPA products compliant to MIL-STD-188-164A with output powers up to 120W. ITS Technology and products have enabled the emerging airborne broadband services in L and Ku Bands such as Inmarsat Swift 64TM, Exchange, CBB and SkyLink™.

      "ITS Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA’s) and Converters — BUC/BDC — are used in broadcast, broadband, Defense and Safety applications throughout the world."

      Some of ITS’ Unique Competencies Include:

      • Highest RF power per weight in L-, X-, Ku-, Ka- and Q-band SSPAs

      • Innovative and efficient RF power combining and power control technology

      • Efficient thermal and packaging techniques for airborne and other mobile platforms

      • Very low phase noise converter technology

      • SSPA linearization.

      ITS was founded on the principles of response, innovation and craftsmanship. We measure our success by the success of our customers. We offer competitively priced, highly reliable products designed and built to provide the highest level of performance.

      Our customers are the U.S., Canadian and international system companies and government organizations. These companies choose ITS because of our technological excellence and our willingness and ability to become a part of their team. We learn what is important to them, how they operate and how they measure success. We have a very nimble and flexible operation. Our engineering team comprises over 30 percent of our staff. This ability enables ITS to succeed where others fail.

      "The expanding Ka-band market relies on ITS Technology for very low phase noise Converter/SSPA subsystems offering high efficiency, high linear power in X, Ku, Ka and Q Bands, small size and proven in – field reliability in harsh Mobile and Earth Station Installations."

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