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ILS To Launch S2M Satellite

By | February 26, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 2-26-08] International Launch Services (ILS) signed a contract with mobile entertainment provider S2M to use a Proton Breeze M vehicle to launch S2M’s satellite, ILS announced Feb. 26.
          The satellite, being manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, will use an S-band payload in conjunction with a terrestrial digital broadcasting network to provide video and audio broadcasts via mobile phones and other mobile devices throughout Africa and the Middle East.
          "The satellite is instrumental to our expansion plans and one of many steps in defining S2M as the leading provider of media-rich, mobile entertainment to customers in the Middle East and North Africa,” Mario Hoek, director of marketing for S2M, said in a statement “We have confidence that ILS and the Proton will deliver the performance we require to have the satellite in place to ensure continuous mobile entertainment service."

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