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Boeing Announces iGPS System Resists Jamming In Test

By | July 16, 2007

      The iGPS system has shown it is resistant to jamming by intentional enemy actions or by accidental interference, The Boeing Co. [BA] announced.

      iGPS combines the Global Positioning System (GPS) with Iridium low Earth orbit telecommunication satellites.

      If funding is provided, the system could be ready no later than 2010, according to Boeing briefers.

      This combination improves accuracy, and GPS positioning signals could be picked up well thanks to being amplified and rebroadcast by the Iridium system.

      In a telephone briefing Friday organized by Boeing, briefers David Whelan, vice president for strategic growth, and Dick Cervisi, program manager for enhancement of GPS, said the capability was tested using a specially modified GPS receiver.

      In the testing, attempts to jam the system were initiated, but the system prevailed and wasn’t jammed.

      This is especially important for ground fighters, who (unlike fast-moving aircraft) can’t easily move away from jamming, briefers explained.

      They discounted media questions as to whether supporters of the future GPS III program would fight against funding iGPS, which Boeing calls enhanced GPS, because the iGPS program might be seen as siphoning away funds.

      Rather, Boeing sees iGPS as complementary, as an addition to current GPS capabilities, an addition that would be available quickly and cheaply thanks to using the existing Iridium satellite system.

      To continue, the program would need added funding beyond fiscal 2008, with added funds in 2009 and 2010, according to briefers.

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