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Skyguard AMOUN Intercept System Works In Egyptian Test: Raytheon

By | April 23, 2007

      The Skyguard AMOUN system intercepted an unmanned aerial target in a test in Egypt, Raytheon Co. [RTN] reported.

      AMOUN, an Egyptian name, protects high value assets such as airports and cities.

      The test was conducted ata range near Cairo, Egypt.

      A Skyguard battery consists of two launchers, each with four missiles, two 35 mm guns, and a fire control radar.

      On April 8, the Egyptian Air Defense Command successfully engaged and fired a Sparrow 7M missile against an unmanned aerial target, using a Skyguard battery with a Sparrow launcher containing an AMOUN electronics pod upgraded by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS).

      The Skyguard launcher fires Sparrow missiles from a ground-based platform and contains a continuous wave radar to illuminate and track the target.

      Oerlikon-Contraves designed the platform, Raytheon the radar and missile canisters.

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