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Progress Freighter Launches From Baikonur, Links With Space Station

By | January 22, 2007

      Russia launched a Soyuz Progress 24 freighter from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and the supply ship docked Friday with the International Space Station at its Pirs docking compartment.

      The ship was loaded with propellant, oxygen, experiment hardware and other gear replenishing supplies for Expedition 14 and the upcoming Expedition 15 mission.

      An older cargo craft, the ISS Progress 22, left the station with discarded items Tuesday evening. About three hours later the Progress 22 entered the atmosphere and safely incinerated.

      The Starsem manifest for Soyuz missions currently includes contracted launches for the European Space Agency, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd and Globalstar LLC.

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