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Boeing Aces Space Based Space Surveillance Review; December ’08 Launch Set

By | January 15, 2007

      The Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) system successfully passed a system critical design review (CDR) as the Air Force authorized the program to proceed toward a December 2008 launch, The Boeing Co. [BA] announced.

      The CDR, a four-day event in Seal Beach, Calif., included more than 100 government and industry participants.

      It included a review of the SBSS Pathfinder system architecture, design, assembly, integration and test approach, and concept of operations.

      The review capped more than 32 evaluations conducted over the last few months, including detailed reviews of the program’s ground segment and space vehicle.

      Air Force Lt. Col. Steven Nessmiller, SBSS program manager, said, “Presentations, analysis and documentation have provided evidence of a complete detailed design, and the road to launch is well defined and achievable.”

      The SBSS Pathfinder will augment the existing space surveillance network and provide increased capacity and timeliness to detect and track orbiting space objects, including potential future threats to America’s space assets.

      The Boeing team is developing the spacecraft with a visible sensor and ground segment, with an option to operate the system for up to one year prior to transitioning operations and maintenance to the Air Force.

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