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Lockheed Sees Missile Defense Opportunities Abroad

By | August 28, 2006

      Lockheed Martin Corp. [LMT] sees ample opportunities in providing missile defense systems for other nations, company executives said.

      For example, Turkey may obtain the improved Patriot PAC-3 system (increase range and upgraded software) that can counter various aerial threats including some enemy ballistic missiles, according to briefers at an overview of Lockheed missile defense systems presented at the National Press Club.

      Discussions concerning the possible Turkish deal are underway, according to John Ward, Lockheed vice president of international development. “We are very interested in that program,” he said.

      Turkey, Germany and Italy are prospects for PAC-3, with Germany already having entered into a contract, according to the executives. But they declined to identify other potential customer nations, saying that countries dislike to be identified publicly until a deal is at hand. One briefer, however, said that current PAC-3 user nations have inquired about the improved system.

      Also, the company might provide an upgrade for the Aegis radar and weapons control system that has scored well in repeated tests, Lockheed executives said, noting that any nation currently possessing an Aegis force might be a prospective customer.

      Those nations include Australia, Japan, Norway, South Korea and Spain, according to briefers. Of those nations, Japan already has ordered the Aegis upgrade, according to Chris Myers, vice president with Lockheed Maritime Systems & Sensors.

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